Educational Requirements

Fall 2022 course offerings for Archaeology

Spring 2022 course offerings

Fall 2021 course offerings

Please consult the undergraduate catalog and check your catalog year for the degree requirements.  

Major in Archaeology

Current academic requirements for Archaeology as listed in the Undergraduate Catalog for the major in Archaeology Program.

The requirements are organized into three tiers:

Introductory (3 Required courses):

Social Science:  ANTH 202 Introduction to Archaeology or HONS 282 Honors Introduction to Archaeology

Humanities:  CLAS 104 Introduction to Classical Archaeology

Natural Science:  GEOL 103 Environmental Geology or HONS 155 Honors Geology I


6 Electives, 2 from approved courses in:
Social Sciences
Natural/Mathematical/Computational Sciences


Field study that applies method, theory, and skills within the environment of an active archaeological project.  This can take the form of:
1.  Active fieldwork projects organized as field schools in cognate disciplines (such as Anthropology and Classics).
2.  An approved internship with other agencies/organizations focused upon data collection.
3.  An approved fieldwork opportunity through another institution.

For options #2 and 3, consult with the Director of Archaeology prior to registering for this opportunity to ensure that the experience meets the standards of the program.

Minor in Archaeology

Click here for the current academic requirements as listed in the Undergraduate Catalog for the minor in Archaeology Program.

The minor follows the same 3-tiered structure as for the major.  For the minor, students need only take 1 elective course from each of the 3 broad disciplinary areas.

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