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Gold Solidus of Anastasius I (491-498 CE).

Making a financial contribution to Archaeology has never been easier, and every gift counts. What matters not is the size or type of gift, but the belief, committment and desire to be an active part of Archaeology's future. Our donors - alumni, parents, students, faculty, and staff - all share in common the goal of strengthening and ensuring the future of a vibrant program in Archaeology at the College.

The Program manages the Archaeology Fund (fund #R785) - a dedicated fund for Archaeology through the College of Charleston Foundation. The fund strives to support faculty and student research and professional development, ranging from fieldwork and analysis to traveling to conferences to present research. Your financial support will allow us to increase opportunities for students and faculty and promote their engagement in collaborative work.

Giving to Archaeology can be done in a variety of ways: as a one-time gift, recurring, or over a period of installments.  

To make an online contribution to the Archaeology Fund, please go to the Foundation's giving page.  In the 'Designation' drop-down menu, select 'Other'.  In the 'Other' box, note the following: R785 Archaeology.

Your gift can be made:

  • as a one-time gift 
  • to recur over a set period of time (for example: $5 every pay period for the next 10 years), or
  • as installments (e.g., $5,000 as $50 installments for the next 100 months)

No contribution is too small. Every strand of thread given to weave the rich trapestry of support is greatly appreciated.

If your company has a matching gifts program, this can be noted as well.

To create a named gift, please contact:

John King
Senior Development Officer
        or         Cathy Mahon
Associate Vice President of Development

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