Places of Discovery and Innovation

Through interdisciplinary connections , faculty and students in the Archaeology Program are are regular participants within labs and facilities across campus.

Geospatial Modeling in the CSSR

The Center for Social Science Research (CSSR) is located on the second floor of Bell Building, 81 St. Philip St. The space is comprised of a conference room, shared labs, classrooms, and faculty offices. Within the CSSR, archaeology faculty and students work primarily within the:

  • research lab (Bell 217): 803 square feet of space optimized for the analysis of artifacts and other remains stemming from archaeological recovery activities.
  • computing lab (Bell 216): 587 square feet facility with 15 work stations optimized for geospatial, quantitative, and 3D visualizations.

The Santee-Cooper GIS Laboratory (SCGIS) is a center for excellence in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing at the College of Charleston/University of Charleston. The laboratory supports undergraduate, graduate and faculty teaching and research at the College. Each semester courses are offered in GIS, remote sensing, or geologic/environmental modeling/computing at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

The Coastal and Marine Geology group within the department of geology also houses facilities and equipment used to identify site formation processes and understand archaeological sites on both the land and seafloor.  Faculty and students from several departments use the departmental vessel with side-scan sonar, a high-resolution chirp subbottom, drones, an autonomous surface vessel, real-time kinematic GPS, and various navigation and processing software.  On land we use ground penetrating radar, vibracores, magnetic gradiometers, electrical resistivity, satellite remote sensing, and various other techniques to build an understanding of various sites.  

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